The Cooperative presented a poster at the September 17-18 State of the Estuary Conference. Click the image below to download a pdf.
News from the ART Team: 
The Adapting to Rising Tides (ART) Program is pleased to announce the launch of the ART Portfolio at:

This is the place to find planning guidance, tools and information that have been developed, tested and refined by the ART Program to address the specific challenges of climate change. If you have been to the ART site previously, visit us again -- the only thing that hasn't changed is the URL! We invite you to explore the new site to find out more about us, the ART approach to adaptation planning, the findings of the program to date, and how we can help you.

We want to thank our working group members and partners for helping us develop the Portfolio, and we look forward to continuing to work together to increase Bay Area resilience!